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He was born

Address : 2F,321-38, Seongsu-dong 2-ga, Seongdong-gu,
    Seoul, South Korea
Tel : +82.2.468.8682
Fax : +82.2.468.8683
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Creative Director 'Sunhan Kwon'

Creative director, Sunhan Kwon, running his own design studio 'hewasborn' in Seoul, is very active and multidisciplinary designer ranged over from web design, multimedia, media art, and industrial design.
He won an award for the 9th Korea's Next Generation Design Leader by MEK and KIDP in 2009, Reddot Design Award and

  Webby Awards, also earned reputation as a designer by winning several design competitions.
He has regularly introduced his experimental works by joining exhibitions not only in Korea but also worldwide and has also been launching his creative and innovative design products in collaboration with several companies.

Awards & Grants

9th Korea's Next Generation Design Leader, Selected, Korea, 2009
Reddot Design Award, Winner, 2009
W3 Awards, Silver Award Winners, 2008
The 12th Annual Webby Awards, Nominee, 2008
The 12th Annual Webby Awards, Honoree, 2008
1th DAUM UCC Movie Awards, Silver Award, 2007
7th Blue League, Silver Award, 2006
The FWA, Site of the Day, 2006
GDWEB, Winner Prize, 2006
Web Award Korea, First Prize, 2006
Web Award Korea, Finallist, 2006
601 Artbook Project, Finallist, 2003
KT Character Competition, Finallist, 2002
LG Electonics Design International Competition, Honorable Mention, 2001
Korea Folk Culture Character Competition, Finallist, 2000


Seoul Design Festival, Seoul, 2011.12
Character & Licencing Fair, Seoul, 2011.07
Design Korea, Seoul, 2010.12
Imagine and Make (1st Solo Exhibition), Seoul, 2009.11
Korea Design Week, Seoul, 2009.05
Seoul young designers pavilion, Seoul, 2008.12
100% Design, Tokyo, 2008.11
Design is AIR at Seoul Design Olympic, Seoul, 2008.10
Seoul young designers market at Seoul Design Olympic, Seoul, 2008.10
DesignersBlock, London, 2008.09
Bombaram BBR Exhibition, Seoul, 2008.09
Rising Designers' Exhibition at 2007 Seoul Design Week, Seoul, 2007.12
Motion Graphics & Music Videos at Resfest 10 Korea, Seoul, 2006.12
Designers Party 5th Digital Film Show, Seoul, 2004.12


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